Alleviation: An International Journal of Nutrition, Gender & Social Development, ISSN 2348-9340 Volume 5, Number 5 (2018):
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Role of Women in Decision-Making Related to Farm Activities: A Case Study of Fatehabad and Jind District of Haryana State

1. Varsha Rani* 2. Renu Boadlia & 3. Meenakshi Chaudhary
1. Assistant Professor, Department of Economics
2. Assistant Professor, Department of English
3. Assistant Professor, Department of Economics
Arya PG College, Panipat, Haryana, India


Women are the main contributing force in the Indian economy as well as in agricultural sector. Women participation has been very high in all types of farm activities. Women do more work as compared to their counterparts but their participation in decision making related to farm activities is very low. Women active participation in decision making is considered essential for rapid agricultural growth in rural areas. But many social and economic factors affect the women’s participation in agricultural sector in rural areas. For which, a sample of 400 farm women from two blocks of district Fatehabad was selected through random sampling technique. To analyze the factors affecting women’s contribution in agricultural sector, multiple regression model has been used. The selected important variables such as age, education, income, farm size, husband’s income, family size and number of male workers in the family played statistically significant role in decision-making. It can be concluded that economic factor plays a very important role in women participation in agricultural sector.

Keywords: Decision Making, Participation, Agricultural Sector, Contribution

International Conference -Multidisciplinary