Alleviation: An International Journal of Nutrition, Gender & Social Development, ISSN 2348-9340
Volume 3, Number 3 (2016) : 32-36
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Science and Gender: A Retrospective

1. Kiran Bamel*,2. Seema Talwar & 3. Pamil Tayal
1 & 2 Assistant Professors, Department of Botany, Shivaji College, University of Delhi < ( Delhi), India
3 Assistant Professor, Department of Botany, Venkateshwar College, University of Delhi (Delhi), India


Gender discrimination is a debatable topic that has been taken up time and again world over. The disparities are more evident in the field of science. Considered a domain of men, women are restrained and discouraged to choose science as a career. The forces behind this are social, political and economical. Many efforts have been taken to close the gap in gender resulting in change but despite that the progress seems is almost stalled. Due to this discrimination, women continue to face hurdles related to advancement in the sciences inspite of appreciable endeavors and accomplishments. The problem must be addressed and solutions to the reasons behind this potential waste of nearly fifty per cent human talent be sought.
The present paper reflects back on the status of females in science field in ancient times, analyzes the start of bias of the gender, its implications and the hurdles that are responsible for its continuance. The present study looks for measures to mend the gap in gender and possible recommendations to help counter balance this at school level itself.

Keywords: Gender Discrimination, Hurdles, Advancement in the Field of Science.

International Conference -Multidisciplinary