Alleviation: An International Journal of Nutrition, Gender & Social Development, ISSN 2348-9340
Volume 3, Number 3 (2016) : 32-36
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Spam- A Cyber Crime Using a Knowledge Trick

Ajay Singh
Assistant Professor, Northern India Institute of Fashion Technology, Mohali (Punjab), India


Spamming is a very common form of cybercrime. Spam is basically unwanted email and message. Cyber crime scares every internet user, banks, companies and many other organizations. A computer and a network are involved in cyber crimes. In order to commit the crime, the computer may have been used in some cases, and in others, the target of the crime may have been the computer. Due to lack of awareness and knowledge, cyber crimes are increasing dramatically, resulting in financial and emotional loss and also affecting psychologically. However, today more and more ways are being found and new technologies are being devised to deal with the cyber crime attacks e.g. use of various legislations and cyber laws along with training people how to detect and deal with such attacks. In this paper, the best available detection and prevention techniques are being proposed to prevent from becoming the victim of cyber crime/hacking or a malware/spam attack.

Keywords: Spam, Cyber Laws, Internet Fraud, Cyber Attack, Hacking, Internet Fraud.

International Conference -Multidisciplinary